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Comments from the onboard Transit Future Guestbook

"Iphone App for schedules and real time for late or early arrivals."


"We certainly need rapid transit to the Western communities."

"Don’t forget our First Nations Reserves to transport buslines to and from. Thanks!"

"I think you guys are doing great and you’re on the right track."

"Real time or near real time updates to bus-line agents on status of late transit."

"Thank you for asking for community input."

"Transit should lead the way for development."

"Give priorities to transit and not cars, larger font on timetables, easy to use, hop on hop off system."

"Taking the bus makes me feel like part of the community."

"As a senior I use the bus a lot and they are efficient and on time. Drivers are helpful and friendly. I would like to see rapid transit in the main corridors of traffic."

"Keep accessible service so we can always accommodate wheelchairs, scooter and strollers."