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About BC Transit


BC Transit serves all of British Columbia outside Metro Vancouver. We provide nearly a million rides every week. We have over 1000 buses, double deckers, mini-buses and vans.

BC Transit serves communities across the province by working with 58 local government partners and the 35 operating companies who deliver service.

Your local transit system is funded through a partnership between BC Transit, your local government and you.

BC Transit’s collaborative, shared-services partnership model offers outstanding value by:

  • Pooling expertise and best practices
  • Lowering costs through bulk purchase of items like fuel and vehicles
  • Providing a framework to oversee and invest in transit on a provincial scale
  • Supporting operational efficiency through private sector contracts for the delivery of many of our services

What does that mean for you?

Costs for service are consistently lower than similar Canadian systems (Canadian Urban Transit Association).

On average, BC Transit’s systems carry more passengers per hour of service and are used by a higher proportion of residents than any comparable transit system in Canada.

As we continue to expand transit services, our future objectives and our Corporate Values are focused on continual improvement and value for our customers.