Route 17 - Cedar Hill AM to UVic
(Effective Tue Sep 2, 2014 through Sun Dec 28, 2014 inclusive)

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Transfers are proof of payment that tells the transit operator you have paid your fare. When you pay your fare, ask your transit operator for a transfer if you need to use more than one bus to complete your trip and are using cash or tickets as fare payment.

*Transfers are issued only at time you pay your fare. This is your proof of payment, so keep it for your entire trip.

*Show your transfer clearly to the driver every time you get on board.

*Your transfer allows one-directional travel on any route for up to 60 minutes from the time of issue.

*Your transfer is not valid for a return trip.

*Your transfer will expire at the time torn on the front of the transfer.

*Transfers are not transferable to anyone other than the person who purchased the transfer.

(see below)
    Quadra at Finlayson   McKenzie at Quadra   Lily at Douglas   Quadra at Ambassador   McKenzie at Borden   UVic Exchange
Monday through Friday - Morning
 S      7:52   8:00   8:04   8:08   8:14   8:25

Trip Notes
S17 Cedar Hill operates Monday to Friday only while school is in full session.


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