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BC Transit Accessible Site

handyLINE & handyWEB

You can book, confirm and cancel most of your handyDART trips by phone or with an on-line computer. You must first enroll to access these options.

handyLINE: Touch-tone Phone Booking

With handyLINE, you have 24 hour a day access to handyDART booking services.

To enroll, call 250.727.7811 and press 3. You can also complete and submit the H9 form [PDF 474KB].

A customer service agent will give you a client identification number and a PIN number to access the system. The agent will help you identify up to eight of your most regular handyDART destinations. You will need to provide the name, address and phone number (if applicable) for each location. Once your destinations are in handyLINE, you can easily book trips to these locations yourself.

handyWEB: Web Booking

Once you are enrolled with the handyLINE service, you can visit the website to book your trips: