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Registering for handyDART

To register, call the handyDART office at 250.727.7811 and press 0. The office staff will ask you a series of questions to determine your eligibility and your travel needs. Then they can either send you a registration form [PDF 1.1MB] or you can print a form off this site.

Your application is usually processed within 10 days of receiving it. If handyDART needs to speak with your doctor, the process will take a little longer.

Registering for handyPASS

A handyPASS is a picture identification card. When you use the regular bus, pay your fare and show your handyPASS, your attendant can travel free. When you use Taxi Saver Coupons, you must show your handyPASS to the taxi driver.

If you need a handyPASS, complete the handyPASS portion when you complete your handyDART application. You must send this by mail or take it to the handyDART office. Be sure to include two passport size photos. Check the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory under passport photos.