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BC Transit Accessible Site

BC Transit

BC Transit is the provincial Crown agency charged with coordinating the delivery of public transportation throughout British Columbia outside Greater Vancouver. In the Victoria region, BC Transit partners with the Victoria Regional Transit Commission.

Victoria Regional Transit

Governance of the Victoria Regional Transit System is by a Regional Transit Commission. The Commission is made up of a minimum of seven members, five locally elected mayors and two councillors. The Commission is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council according to the British Columbia Transit Act.

The Commission sets routes, service levels, fares and local taxes for transit purposes. It reviews and is responsible for raising the local share of the annual cost of transit in the region. Its monthly meetings are open to the public.

Accessible Transit Advisory Committee

The Accessible Transit Advisory Committee (ATAC) consists of volunteer members who represent seniors or persons with a disability. This Committee advises the Victoria Regional Transit System planners and management about transit accessibility issues.
[There is at least one person on the committee who does not self-identify with either group, but does work extensively with persons with disabilities]

If you have an accessible transit issue, please contact ATAC at 250.385.2551.