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Calculate my Commuting Costs
This calculator is meant to provide a general estimate of savings.

It takes into account typical values for:

  • fuel efficiency
  • annual maintenance
  • tires
  • depreciation
    and assumes that you are taking transit in place of your vehicle.

    If you are walking, cycling or commuting on your own power, your costs will be even lower.

    Step 1:

    How often do you usually take your vehicle to work?

    Once per week
    Twice per week
    Three times per week
    Four times per week


    Step 2:

    What type of vehicle do you drive to work?

    Subcompact (2.0L, 4 cylinder)
    Compact (2.2L, 4 cylinder)
    Midsize (3.0L, 6 cylinder)
    Full size (4.6L, 8 cylinder)


    Step 3:

    Approximately how far do you drive to work?

    km (each way)


    Step 4:

    How much do you pay for fuel?



    Step 5:

    How much do you pay for parking at work?

    $ per


    Step 6:

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