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Bus Stops in Rural Areas Program

Bus Stops in Rural Areas

In rural areas with no designated bus stops, the bus driver will stop for "flag stops". When you want to catch the bus, find a safe location along the route and wave the bus down.

A safe location is one where visibility is good and where the bus can easily pull off the road, such as a driveway or postal box area.

Make sure you are visible, especially at night. Carry a flashlight, or stand in a well-lit area. Wearing clothing with reflective material will help you to be seen.

This works the same for getting off the bus. Ask the driver to find a safe place to stop close to where you wish to get off.

For more information about bus stops in rural areas, call Transit Information at 250-847-4993

Fixed-Route Deviations

There is extra time built into the Smithers-Telkwa schedule for the bus to make deviations of up to 500 metres from the fixed route to pick passengers who have mobility issues. For pick-up, call 250-847-4993. For drop off, inform your driver where you need to be dropped off.


Smithers and District Transit System

TRANSIT INFO: 250.847.4993




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