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Health Connections: Elk Valley to Cranbrook

Health Connections is a partnership between the Regional District of East Kootenay and BC Transit. This service provides you with transportation options and increases your access to non-emergency medical appointments.

Although passengers travelling to medical appointments have priority, everyone is eligible to use this service when space is available.

Booking a Trip

You must book ahead to get a seat on the Health Connections bus. To book a trip, call 1.855.417.4636. Transit staff will answer all your booking questions.

When you make your medical appointment, let the doctor's receptionist know that you will be using Health Connections.

Elkford to Cranbrook on Wednesday and Friday

The bus leaves Elkford at 8:00am, Sparwood at 8:30, Fernie at 9:00 and arrive in Cranbrook at 10:15am. In Cranbrook, the bus driver will let you off at Tamarack Mall, the Cranbrook Hospital and other medical facilities.

Cranbrook to Elkford on Wednesday and Friday

The bus will begin picking up passengers at 2:30 from the Cranbrook Hospital, leaving Cranbrook at 3:00pm. The bus will arrive in Fernie at 4:00, Sparwood at 4:30 and Elkford at 5:00.


The one-way fare is $2.50. Please have exact fare ready, as the driver does not carry change.


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