Route 10 - Royston-Buckley Bay - To Courtenay
(Effective Tue May 21, 2013 until further notice)

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The Transit Future bus will return to the Comox Valley between April 23 and April 26, 2014.

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    Fanny Bay (Tempo Gas)   Buckley Bay: Island Hwy at Buckley Bay   Union Bay: Island Hwy at McLeod   Royston: Island Hwy at Hayward   Cumberland: Dunsmuir at 4th   Driftwood Mall
Sunday - Morning
 10_2C      11:05   11:11   11:17   11:25   -   -
Sunday - Afternoon
 10_2C      -   -   -   1:23   1:33   -
      -   -   -   3:31   -   3:38
Sunday - Evening
      6:15   6:21   6:27   6:35   -   6:42

Trip Notes
10_2CC2 - Combined routing: from Royston, trip routes to Cumberland via Royston Rd before returning to Courtenay as a 2 Cumberland.


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