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Shopper Shuttle

The Shopper Shuttle provides hourly service in the midday Monday to Saturday from residential neighbourhoods south of 7th Avenue to shopping destinations in downtown Mission and nearby shopping centres. Click here to view the map and schedule for the 39 Shopper Shuttle.

The Shopper Shuttle can pick up and drop off shoppers closer to entrances of their destinations, such as to the Safeway in Mission Hills Mall. This service compliments the larger, low floor buses that serve these general shopping areas on other Mission routes.

Large residential complexes such as St. Andrew’s, Kathleen Court and Edward Estates are served by the shuttle. handyDART pick up and drop off is also available for people with disabilities in the area.

Who can take the #39 Shopper Shuttle?

Anyone can take advantage of this convenient link between shopping destinations. Transfers to and from other Mission routes are available at the main Mission Exchange. Bus stops are located along the route. Regular Central Fraser Valley fares, passes, tickets and BC Bus Passes can be used on the Shopper Shuttle.

How do I catch the Shopper Shuttle if I usually take handyDART?

Registered Mission handyDART users living in or close to the area of Cedar, 11th Avenue, Stave Lake and 1st Avenue can call ahead to arrange a door-to-door pick up or drop off by the Shopper Shuttle. To book a Shopper Shuttle trip, call handyDART at 604-855-0080 and let them know which trip or trips you are interested in taking. Generally, it's best to call by noon on the day before you wish to travel. Since regular fares apply, handyDART passengers can save by arranging to take their shopping trips via the shuttle.

How many bags may I carry on?

For safety and space reasons, passengers can bring onto the bus only as many parcels as they can carry on their laps, usually two bags. Some food stores have delivery service available for larger grocery orders, and this can be arranged at the till when you purchase your items. Cost for store delivery is about $7-10 depending on the distance.



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