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1 2 3 GoLines

The 1-2-3 GoLines provide straight through, no transfer required service from one side of Abbotsford to the other between major neighbourhoods and destinations.

The 1 Blueridge-McKee GoLine, the 2 Bluejay-Huntingdon GoLine and the 3 Clearbrook-UFV GoLine each serve all of the following key points:

  • Clearbrook Centre (Clearbrook at South Fraser Way/Old Yale)
  • Civic Precinct (Trethewey at South Fraser Way/George Ferguson Way)
  • Bourquin Exchange (at Seven Oaks Mall)
  • Downtown Abbotsford (Montrose at McDougall)

golines map

The schedules for the three Go Lines combine to provide service about every ten minutes between these key points during the day.



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