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From small towns to large urban centres, BC Transit connects over 50 million customers in communities across the province every year.

Our Vision

To connect people and communities to a more sustainable future.

Our Mission

Through the strength of our people and partners, we provide safe, effective, and efficient customer-focused transportation solutions.

Our Values

Safety - We will ensure the safety of our employees, customers and transit systems.

Customer Service - We will work with our customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Sustainability - We will continuously improve and be accountable for our financial, environmental and social results.

Integrity - As stewards of public resources, we will use our assets prudently and conduct ourselves honestly and respectfully.

Innovation - We will pursue opportunities to enhance value for our customers.

Collaboration - We will cultivate strong partnerships, community connections and links to other types of travel.

Our Objectives

  • Develop Financial Sustainability
  • Support & Shape Livable Communities
  • Change the Perception of Transit
  • Deliver Operational Excellence
  • Strengthen our People & Partnerships



About Us

BC Transit is the provincial crown agency charged with coordinating the delivery of public transportation throughout British Columbia (outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District).

The corporation's mandate, as set out in the British Columbia Transit Act, is:

"to plan, acquire, construct or cause to be constructed public passenger transportation systems and rail systems that support regional growth strategies, official community plans, and the economic development of transit service areas", [and] "to provide for the maintenance and operation of those systems."

Organizational Scope (March 2013)

  • Provides services to over 130 communities across B.C. in collaboration with 58 local government partners, including the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and regional hospital districts.
  • Contracts with 18 private management companies, 5 public operating organizations and 14 non-profit agencies.
  • Provided 49.6 million passenger trips in 2012/13
  • Serves more than 1.5 million people in B.C.
  • Operates 80 transit systems – conventional, community, custom and paratransit.
  • Owns a fleet of 1,030 conventional and double-deck buses and minibuses.
  • Total operating expenditures in 2012/13 of $266.4 million.
  • Total capital expenditures in 2012/13 of $47.6 million.